Old-timers often say: “Fruits and veggies in our time tasted so different.”

The response from the listener is predictable: a wide chagrin. A politely suppressed fit of annoyance, maybe.

As the largest organic produce cultivator and exporter, India is leading the change.

The old-timers are not wrong. In the remote past, agricultural production and processing did not involve the use of chemical fertilizers…

The barrier-busting, horizon-transcending benefit of telerobotics

An all-too-familiar sight in space exploration, telerobotics is gaining new vistas. It’s an idea whose time has come not a moment too soon. …

Chiropractors manipulate the musculoskeletal system to treat problems, especially spinal ailments.

Chiropractic care is one of the pillars of holistic health and healing. People allergic or resistant to drugs or those who wish to have an effective natural cure are the ones most readily buying into the idea of going…

What differentiates Marketing and Branding

People treat branding and marketing as equals. In every business, marketers pit their brains for the largest share in the market. But if a product has brand equity, the success story touches another level. Discerning entrepreneurs know how these two different fields of endeavor —…

Sameer Dixit

Advertising copywriter, blogger, ideator. Absolutely thrilled to share the space graced by a global community of writers and thinkers. Love walking and reading.

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