Aromatic spices add flavor and color to the food. That they also bring multiple health benefits is also well documented. Eastern traditions actively hinge on the use of flavoring in cooking. Indian cooking, in particular, relies heavily on the spicy twist condiments add to the curries — dal or lentil soup is never complete without that quintessential tadka!

Organic spices have gained wide popularity in recent times. They are grown without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Since organic products are developed using certified processing and packaging, there is no chance of even unintentional mixing, contamination, or adulteration. …

Old-timers often say: “Fruits and veggies in our time tasted so different.”

The response from the listener is predictable: a wide chagrin. A politely suppressed fit of annoyance, maybe.

The old-timers are not wrong. In the remote past, agricultural production and processing did not involve the use of chemical fertilizers. As a result, soil retained its natural, fertile vigor. The crops oozed with their characteristic taste, color, and nutrients. So the elders in the family probably are not off the mark when they sing paeans about the culinary pleasures they were fortunate to experience.

Organic farming is as close to…

The barrier-busting, horizon-transcending benefit of telerobotics

An all-too-familiar sight in space exploration, telerobotics is gaining new vistas. It’s an idea whose time has come not a moment too soon. Its use in medical diagnostics and treatment, for instance, has collapsed the barriers of distance and injected the pandemic world with new hope!

Telerobotics is the sure-shot way to break the barriers of distance without breaking social distancing norms. If all goes well, it will find many takers in this pandemic world and also in the new normal that comes in its wake.

Recently IIT Delhi and AIIMS scored a big…

Chiropractors manipulate the musculoskeletal system to treat problems, especially spinal ailments.

Chiropractic care is one of the pillars of holistic health and healing. People allergic or resistant to drugs or those who wish to have an effective natural cure are the ones most readily buying into the idea of going to the chiropractor instead of a traditional medical practitioner.

In fact, the scope of this expertise has become so widespread that athletes competing at the highest levels are favoring this therapy. Chiropractors help sportspersons by healing their pains and niggles. These practitioners also help athletes reach their peak physical prowess…

Designers are in demand for the esthetic value they bring to the user interface. But that’s not the only thing they do!

By limiting UX designers’ prowess to only the design aspect of app development, clients create problems as much to themselves as to the design professionals.

UX development is multi-disciplinary work. To serve the desired value, it must snap-fit into business or marketing objectives. Designers must keep track of their efforts at every step of the way. They must work intimately with the customer service team to know more about the target users. …

What differentiates Marketing and Branding

People treat branding and marketing as equals. In every business, marketers pit their brains for the largest share in the market. But if a product has brand equity, the success story touches another level. Discerning entrepreneurs know how these two different fields of endeavor — marketing and branding — are separate entities. The ability to tell one from the other and use them properly can fatten the bottom lines significantly.

Some aspects of the business are embedded so deep in the customer’s mind that they trigger a quick recall. …

Nothing has captured people’s imagination as farmhouse living has done. In the backdrop of pandemic times, people are getting more inclined toward farmhouses. Gone are the days when these large dwelling units, typically located on the outskirts, were purchased only for weekend parties or monthly getaways. With the rise of digital infrastructure, remote work, and ubiquitous social distancing, customers are attracted to farmhouses for the increased safety of their families. The realty market in the pandemic has shown a huge uptick. And farmhouses have emerged as the strongest and best-selling vertical!

Realty companies are doing brisk business in farmlands, built-up…

The right marketing mix is always a tough cookie to crack. In the world of digital promotions, PPC has gained much traction. But the exercise does not guarantee results. Is there a way that does not pinch pockets and generates the expected response?

Blogging is the vehicle that drives marketers away from the inefficacy of PPC and SEO. Try the unbeatable combination of blogs and landing pages. It does not need deep pockets; it also presents more possibilities in terms of experimentation and maneuvering. It generates the kind of marketing and sales possibilities that few can match.

If it were…

How to Climb The Mt. Expectation Successfully

Here’s how to meet the cult of rising expectations in UX design and climb the ladder of success.

A new recruit in any organization depends on a smooth start. But for a UX trainee, understanding the job requirements may not be a smooth sail. Looking for a job is not difficult as the field is ripe with possibilities. But after landing a job, the young professional may be in for a few surprises. The first shocker is that nobody cares about the theoretical processes taught at colleges. All the things you learned in your Bachelor’s or Master’s may count for…

As a UX researcher, are you experiencing burnout in pandemic times? Here’s how to get the fire roaring in the belly again for surplus output.

Burnouts can happen to anyone, anytime. But the pandemic-induced stress, lack of socialization, and domestic responsibilities have added to the woes and compounded the misery of UX researchers.

Identifying the problem is the first logical step to finding the solution. It helps to recognize the symptom of burnout. The symptoms can range from loss of motivation to boredom, lack of sleep to reduced performance, and fatigue. Frustration, anger, helplessness, procrastination are other tell-tale signs that…

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