A magic trick that never fails to deliver!

Thoughts act like a double-edged weapon. They may push us forward or drag us down!

Sameer Dixit
2 min readJun 17, 2021

In fact, thoughts are only thoughts. No more! But they shape our beliefs and convictions, which have the power to determine our success and failure. Thoughts are expressions of who we want to be. Our deepest desires shape our subconscious and dictate the quantum and time of our success.

Then, it makes sense to tie in our thoughts with what propels us forward, not what bogs us down. Nothing is as useful as thinking the exact opposite of whatever is dragging us down, meditating on it, and repeating the reinforced idea till we feel in control. Congratulations. You have mastered the first step!

But the human mind is not known as the devil’s workshop for nothing. The mind will not take defeat. It will employ the services of “Satan.” Recognizing the satanic voices pulsing in the mind is easy. Look for rationalizations. See how the mind justifies complacency and dead habit, pulling us down the rabbit hole we are trying to come out of.

“I am too poor to think about it.”

“I am too weak to continue my morning constitutional.”

“I am too old to learn.”

And the list goes on.

What if we could fool our subconscious into making us energetic go-getters rather than the lazy, complacent fat asses it tricks us into becoming?

To give you a pertinent example, how often have we felt bogged down by the lack of apparent success in our respective writing careers? We get confused; we don’t feel noticed or appreciated for what we do. If we aren’t prepared, we allow self-defeating thoughts to get bigger and bigger and overwhelm us. Yes, success is important to keep us going. But who on God’s good earth can decide when the moment of triumph should come to meet us up the fairway? Everyone has a different journey and experiences.

It’s human to feel frustrated. There is time and space for everything. When we have put in the required effort, success usually waits in the wings. Think about it like this. A traveler is waiting for his visa. The application meets all the statutes. But it will take its own sweet time. The road to success is no different. It is sometimes circuitous.

We can only do what is in our hands. And it is to keep knocking on the doors, keep walking and keep trying. Let’s do what is in our hands and leave the rest to Providence.

Don’t let judgment, guilt, or doubt kill the action and give rise to inaction. Compounding the mind only makes it more haphazard. Keep it focused, calm, and determined.

The key to achieving this pivot is to silence the turbulence of thoughts as they occur. A calm mind is more powerful. Do not analyze the situation. Close the tap of fuzzy notions that deplete your energy and make you depressed.

Nip the harmful thoughts in the bud. Overwhelm them with a flood of positive streams. Enjoy the blissful state of mind that does your bidding.



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