Aspiring to become a UX/UI Designer? Read this.

Surveys consistently show UI/UX is among the hottest career choices available to young professionals who want to show their creative skills.

Sameer Dixit
2 min readJun 22, 2021

But there is a hiccup. Every graphic designer dreads getting into the technicalities of the game. Coding and other aspects of programming are a huge turn-off. But listen!

UI/UX is a non-technical job. As a designer, design aptitude is all you need to have to get going. Coding and technical areas of app development are handled by separate members of the team. Since designers work as part of an elaborate team of programmers and project managers, you don’t need to worry about anything other than your core expertise. App development is a complex whole. UI/UX designers grapple with the design side of the process.

There is little doubt that UI/UX Design promises unlimited potential to grow, learn, and explore. There are a good many reasons why the career looks so appealing to many ambitious and creative professionals.

It’s difficult to imagine life without apps and social media; they are everywhere. No wonder people know what makes an app or a website popular among users and how a good design contributes to creating a wonderful experience.

For a career dominated by visual esthetics, graphic designers enjoy a head start like none else. Today students and young graphic professionals are more than familiar with popular apps. If they supplement their design aptitude with training and hands-on experience, they will find a world of opportunities. Learning specific UI/UX tools is the first step toward that dream career!

How can graphic artists employ their design aptitude to become UI/UX designers?

Perhaps you know the answer. It’s possible to master UI/ UX design online. Tutorials deliver good results, teaching students everything from basics to the advanced levels with live projects and internships.

Do not limit yourself to using only familiar apps. Download the new and popular ones too. Learn to interact with new apps, see how they function, observe their tapestry, layout, and interface. Do they look interesting? Are they easy to operate? What makes them attractive? Prepare your own journal of learning by piquing curiosity and finding answers.

Automation, AI, and machine learning are not likely to replace UI/UX design. It’s a creative field, and human skills at innovating will always command a fair price. UI/UX design is here to stay.



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