Farmhouse: Much More Than Leisurely, Workless Lifestyle!

Sameer Dixit
2 min readJul 15, 2021

Nothing has captured people’s imagination as farmhouse living has done. In the backdrop of pandemic times, people are getting more inclined toward farmhouses. Gone are the days when these large dwelling units, typically located on the outskirts, were purchased only for weekend parties or monthly getaways. With the rise of digital infrastructure, remote work, and ubiquitous social distancing, customers are attracted to farmhouses for the increased safety of their families. The realty market in the pandemic has shown a huge uptick. And farmhouses have emerged as the strongest and best-selling vertical!

Realty companies are doing brisk business in farmlands, built-up farmhouses, and consultancy. Though the company sells farm plots, it also provides construction services through its pan-India network of quality professionals and groups.

Raya Developers has successfully conceived, executed, and delivered THREE farmland projects so far. The MHOW-based realtor is a top draw in this realty segment thanks to its gentry, trust, and enviable track record.

Most of the buyers of Raya are army officers, doctors, and HNIs who want to live life to the fullest. They are attracted by the larger-than-life features like peace, security, connectivity, bonhomie, and relaxation that Raya’s products provide. Many of its customers are based in Dubai, Europe, and other parts of the world. End-users from all over India are taking a keen interest in Raya projects!

“As I stood on the porch of my farmhouse I recently moved in, scanning the vast blue skies, everything was so surreal. A welcome break from city congestion” says Col. Rathore who owns a farmhouse at Raya Estate.

Raya’s customers are lifestyle-savvy individuals who want to grow their organic gardens, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and party under the star-lit skies — all in the safety and security of well-planned spaces. The projects allow them to explore the healthier, sunnier, and safer side of life. The farmlands begin from 5000 sq ft and go all the way up to 15,000sq ft.

In a very short span of life –on the strength of its quality, price, and delivery — Raya Developers has emerged as a prominent player in India’s realty market. Attractive pricing is the mainstay feature of all Raya projects. The land is priced around Rs 300 per sq. ft. Attractive schemes make it easier for people to buy. Investors can make huge returns in just a few years, as many of Raya’s customers already have done.

As the pandemic has shown us, cities are no longer safe for dwelling. The so-called prime locations are crowded, choked, noisy, overburdened, and polluted. Apartments do not provide attractive resale options. As a result, farmhouse projects that are well-connected, well-planned, and prestigious are driving sales.

Realty customers are beginning to see value in farmhouse lands and built-up farmhouses.



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