The Role of Psychology In UI/UX Design

The study and understanding of human behavior deliver a more effective UI/ UX output. The food can look more appetizing with colors, and the menu cards can display popular choices upfront. Selectivity optimizes viewer convenience, processing efficiency, and decision-making.

Space isn’t naught. Good use of space communicates better than most people think! White space has a pleasant effect on the mind of a website visitor. It creates professionalism, ease of reading, and a stress-free experience.

For instance, Google has only its search bar upfront. Other features of the website do not clutter the interface design. Users find this very convenient. That’s smart; Google knows people commonly use it for searching!

Minimalism reduces information overload. A riot of colors used indiscriminately may confuse the user. Every color has pros and cons. It helps to arrive at the right combination. Mild shades prolong the gaze but seem dull; hues like blue, green, and purple are cool but indifferent; while yellow, orange, and red radiate warmth but restlessness. The use of red in signals is popular. Apps and portals use it in notifications.

Companies’ color schemes are intellectual properties. Their unauthorized use may result in lawsuits. That’s how important brand colors are. Even shades have copyrights!

Typeface or font style has a distinct effect on the viewer, too. Serif fonts are more fluid in print. They are traditional and beautiful. San Serif fonts are informal yet professional.

Human being love to read in what is called an “F” pattern. The eyes dart from top left to top right and top-down.

Use indicated brand colors logos. Using gray in icons may be counter-productive. Vibrant hues bring their own exuberance, energy, and excitement to the milieu and give a competitive edge to an interface design.

Sounds have a powerful brand association too. Different sounds indicate different mindsets. Using energetic beats for video games, calming wave-like sounds for meditation is the way forward for many companies.

As demand for effective UI/UX increases, professionals can make their designs more responsive for better output. Responsiveness engages the viewer’s mind in a positive way. When a phone is charging, the battery signals the status. Such animation communicates more effectively.




Advertising copywriter, blogger, ideator. Absolutely thrilled to share the space graced by a global community of writers and thinkers. Love walking and reading.

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Sameer Dixit

Sameer Dixit

Advertising copywriter, blogger, ideator. Absolutely thrilled to share the space graced by a global community of writers and thinkers. Love walking and reading.

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